Friday, August 26, 2011

Frog Juicers

I received and installed my new Hex Frog Juicer from Fast Tracks the other day on the small S scale switching layout. The Frog Juicers are made by Tam Valley Depot. What an awesome product! It just flat works. It is so simple to hook up and use it is silly! Simply connect the power input to you DCC bus lines, then run one wire to each turnout frog (6 total in the case of the Hex Juicer)and you are done. Operationally, there is nothing to do... The board handles evrything for you. Even running my short wheelbase SW-1s through at super slow speed I experienced no loss of power what so ever. The Frog juicer simply detects the dead short and changes the polarity of the frog to match the route faster than the DCC system can "see" that there is a problem. What an absoulutely perfect product! Thanks Fast Tracks for quick shipping, and thanks to Tam Valley for a GREAT product! I will post a video review soon, but check out the webpage for now: Frog Juicers

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