Sunday, May 31, 2009



"The so-called 'Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act of 2009' actually goes far beyond antitrust issues and makes major changes to rail policy. If enacted, this bill would impose new and conflicting regulations on our industry, subjecting railroads to oversight by not only the Surface Transportation Board, but the Department of Justice as well. This bill is an ill-considered, piecemeal attempt to artificially bring down rail rates for a few companies at the expense of consumers and other businesses.

Railroads are advocating for a more comprehensive approach to rail reform that fairly meets the needs and concerns of shippers and the freight railroads. The railroad antitrust bill flies in the face of these good faith efforts and must be stopped.

S.146 would hamper freight railroads ability to invest back in their systems resulting in less infrastructure investment and network growth. The ultimate cost, we fear, is jobs.

Today's bad economy is already making it tough on railroads. Circumstances will only deteriorate under additional regulatory weight."

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