Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pennsy it is...

I don't know how many people out there are actually reading this and following along this journey of ours, but we sure get a lot of hits so if you are reading this, Hello and thanks!

Anyways, Just wanted to update the blog with the latest news. We will be starting a new Pennsylvania RR HO layout this Fall. At least I'm calling it a Pennsy layout. It won't necesarrily have every single stucture or signal derived from a Pennsy prototype, but I am doing research and considering adding certain PRR LDEs (Layout Design Elements) that I hope will give a flavor of the PRR.

First up will be to start work on the engine servicing facility, which will be more generic in nature using the Walthers kits that you see below. My intent is to build these kits first before starting on the benchwork. That way when I do finish the benchwork these structures will be ready to drop into place. That should keep me busy well into the winter (or longer?).

Starting next month, Broadway Limited will begin releasing several PRR steam engines with their Paragon 2 system. I've made the decision to grab as many of these as possible to fill out our steam roster before moving on to PRR diesels. I will post reviews as they come in. The M1 Mountains should be first in about a month from now. If you haven't seen them yet you can link to them HERE.

Here are the kits that will make up the bulk of the main engine facility:

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