Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bachmann HO CN FA-2 with MRC 16bit decoder

Just a quick video. The first in a series where I will compare speakers and decoders. This setup uses an MRC 16bit universal Alco 244 sound decoder. The prototype FA-2 used a 251 prime mover, but MRC doesn't offer a 251 sound set. No big deal as this is mostly a test. If it bothers you, then jsut pretend that this is a repainted rebuilt FA-2 running on my Ohio Northern excusion line. We used a 244 prime mover from a wrecked RS-1. Feel better now ? :)

While I am at it I should say that for the price, I am impressed with these new Bachmann HO diesels. They are lacking in certain details, but they do include add on details like windshield wipers, hand rails, horns, etc... I don't have it fully broken in yet, but it appears to have a nice smooth driveline. For the price they really are hard to beat. My favorite feature is that they are setup for DCC/Sound from the factory. The included speaker for the MRC decoder is a little smaller than the 27mm high bass that I will install next. The 27mm fits perfectly in the molded spot on the frame. Very nice.

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