Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lionel to reveal new American Flyer 28 page catalog on 3/2/12 at 9:30AM EST

Dealers already have print copies in hand and details have been leaked. I am excited to see the new scale products. Lionel has a real chance to pickup a sizeable portion of the S scale market. I for one hope they really turn up the volume on new S scale offerings. My fingers are crossed for fixed pilots... we'll see on Friday. Here is the leaked info:

On Friday, March 2, the new 28-page “American Flyer” stand-alone catalog will be released, and available on-line, from Lionel. Here’s your advanced look at the contents---
a) A new 2-8-8-2 Mallet steam engine, available in 5 road names (N&W, PRR, Santa Fe, UP, and Virginian). MSRP: $1000
b) The U33c in 5 new road names: Santa Fe, D&H, IC, Milwaukee, PRR. $479
c) The U33c “Heritage” line: UP, MP/UP, SP/UP, Rio Grande, and CNW. Each will be available individually in two different road numbers, as well as a dummy unit.
d) A newly-tooled SD70ACe diesel; available in either highrail or scale; five versions: BNSF; CSX; NS; KCS (2 different paint schemes).
e) A newly-tooled Cylindrical Hopper in 8 road names: CN, BN, SP, Saskatchewan, and four different UP schemes. $80
f) Set: Legacy-equipped Pacific, with four Heavyweights. $899
g) MStL Baldwin; $290
h) “Clear Plastic” undecorated Docksider ($110) and caboose ($80)
i) ERIE full baggage car; $80
j) 4 full VistaDome cars: Erie, Rio Grande, Santa Fe, PRR ($80)
k) 10 new freight cars @ $70:
Schlitz reefer
Pepsi reefer
MStL boxcar
1958 Catalog Art boxcar
AF Smoke Fluid tank car
Cities Service tank car
PRR gondola with coil cover load
WP 3-bay hopper
Hershey’s hopper
Mr Goodbar reefer

l) Re-listings:
TX Special A-A; $490
TX Special 3-pack; $250
TX Special full VistaDome; $80
TX Special full Baggage; $80
Coca-Cola boxcar; $70
Coca-Cola tank car; $70
SUNOCO Oil Derrick; $79
774 Floodlight Tower; $120
Truss Bridge; $29
m) Billboard set, 4-piece; $13
n) FasTrack Turnouts, Powered, L and R; $89 each
o) FasTrack Transition section; $9

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